What Services Do Immigration Consultants Provide?

Immigration consultants are those who could help you in changing citizenship or permanent residence and assist in applying for the student’s visa or work permit. When you get in touch with those people they could help you in entering the other country for travel, study or any business purposes. Even if it is a student or business professional or any politicians, immigration consultants are always ready to help any individual.

As the Best Immigration Consultants in Kerala, India, REG Immigration provides dependable services devoted to serving as your counsel.

While entering a new country there are certain programs, laws, government regulations, legal rights, and immigration rules that you permanent residents must be aware of. In addition it is their duty to ensure that the person crossing the border has proper documentation while applying.

If you are not a permanent resident then you must have a visa like work, travel or student. Immigration consultants are ready to help you get Visa ready and they have the answers for all your queries. In addition they assess a client’s chances of getting approved for work, travel, or student visa.

They could also help with permanent residency appeals, family sponsorship, refugee claims, and express entry claims. They would only proceed with your application only when they find you are safe to cross the boundary.

While you start the process of migrating to some place you would hire an immigration consultant which is the first step to ensure that you are safe and legal enough to land in the country. The immigration consultants are those people who are trained and regulated to work on your behalf. They have thorough knowledge on the rights and regulations that are in place in the new place of residence.

We are Authorized and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants in Kerala, IndiaThere are several ways to get to and live in Canada if you possess the necessary degree, abilities, relevant work experience, and language competence.

We specialize in all phases of Canadian immigration which includes,

• Business Immigration
• Family Sponsorship
• Spousal Sponsorship
• Super Visa, Visitor Visa, Student Visa
• Work Permits
• Canadian Citizenship
• Permanent Residency
• PR Application
• PR Renewal
• PNP (Provincial Nomination Program)
• Federal Skilled Worker through Express Entry

A brief on how our process goes:

Our professionals at the Canada immigration consultants in Kerala support a procedure that is suited for the needs of the customer. During our initial session, we consider the best alternatives and solutions for you. We follow up your case with the immigration and government offices in a timely way. You get assistance from our professionals with relocation goals as well as with the overall immigration procedure to Canada.

Through the following streams, qualified applicants may immigrate to and establish themselves permanently in Canada: Federal Economic Programme (Express Entry), Investor Immigrant, Provincial Nomination, Self-employed persons and Quebec-selected worker.

The express entry pool is open to applicants who meet the requirements for one of the programmes listed above.

Create an expression of interest by submitting your resume to both the Canadian Job Bank and the Express Entry Pool. After uploading a profile, candidates are evaluated according to a number of criteria to calculate their score under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Our professionals at REG Canada immigration consultants in Kerala can manage it for you. Profiles will be in the pool for up to 12 months.

The top candidates will be chosen from the pool by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In accordance with a federal or provincial programme that qualifies, those chosen will be invited to submit an application for permanent residency in Canada. The applicant will have 60 days after receiving an invitation to submit the application to CIC. We will be available to you at all times since CIC attempts to process finished applications within six months. You will be awarded an immigrant visa that is good for a specific amount of time if CIC determines that your application is complete and that you are eligible after review. You must reach a Canadian Port of Entry before the deadline and obtain confirmation.

Additionally, we provide a free assessment test  that will enable you to determine the immigration category for which you are eligible.  Please provide us your contact information if you want to speak directly with a Canadian Immigration Consultant who has been approved by the Canadian government. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to set up a free phone consultation for 30 minutes.