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Studying in Ireland has been a dream for many due to the immense opportunities and commendable culture that the country holds. REG Immigration & Education has been helping students and professionals to understand more about Irelands, apply for University admissions, get a visa on time, and our detailed counseling sessions on visa permits, and work and study immigration processes will certainly help you in your career goal.

Under the modern environments of higher education, Ireland stands to be the most preferred choice for study abroad destinations in Europe. The quality of education is first class and in a span of a few years, this quality has been consistently increasing to give some of the best university education systems that overseas students would love to experience.

If you are looking for a great study abroad destination, where the communities and culture that is pretty welcoming to International nationalities, then Ireland should be your point of study now.  Here our team of study abroad consultants in Ireland will give a stable understanding and backend support in various aspects like university admission, visa application, and advice on immigration, work options, stay permits, family travel, etc

Some Notable Facts about Ireland that the Immigration experts would like to share with you:

  • The Main Hub of Happenings: Dublin is Ireland’s Capital and is an aristocratic community where business and class innovations have been contributed to the world.
  • University Count: Overall, there are 7 officially recognized universities with 2094 courses, and they are ranked 9 th among the best global universities.
  • Size: It is as per size the 22 nd biggest Country in Europe and is 121 in rank in terms of area.
  • Highest Immigration Rate: They have been having almost 25000 students coming from various International places to study and later on work in Ireland.
  • Official Languages: Irish and English
  • Official Sport: Football
  • Currency in Use: Euro
  • Climate: Rainy climate and temperate climate

Why Ireland is a good study destination for International Students?

Friendly towards Nationalities
Royal Culture
3% of globally accredited universities
Affordable Study Programs
Internationally Recognized Programs
Part time work options
Quick Irish PR processing
After Study Work Permit
Who can Study in Ireland?

When it comes to higher graduate and post graduate education, Ireland is one of the most upcoming choices among overseas students. For those who want to study in Ireland, take the opportunity to get admission to the best universities in Ireland under the timely advice of our Indian immigration consultants.

We have been processing applications for students for university admissions in Ireland and have created our own space of successful deliverances over a span of a few years. Whether you need to undertake a graduation course or a postgraduate course, we have got all the formalities streamlined for you.

How long can International students work and study in Ireland?

Ireland highly understands when it comes to the living standards of International students. If you are a Non EEA student, they allow students to engage in casual employment. With our team, you will get access to how to get scholarships, and loan assistance and choose the best universities with your choice of programs.

  • Students from places other than the EU
    Students are eligible to work about 20 hours per week as long as the term of study exists. When the holiday is in, students are allowed to work for about 40 hours per week. If a student is given a 2A stamp permission, then they are not eligible to go for any part time work.
  • Stay Back Work After the Study Period
    Once the studies are over, if students would like to work in Ireland and happen to come from outside the EU, they will get permission to stay back in the country for a period of 24 months after the course period of study.
Am I eligible for a scholarship at Ireland Universities?

With our expertise and continual guidance, you will know if you are eligible to let scholarships to study in Ireland based universities.  The funding that you receive will help Indian students study and live affordably.

There are many universities listed for this purpose like the below ones:

  • The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship: €10,000 per year
  • The Walsh Fellowship: €22,000 per year
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2020: €16,000 per year
  • The DIT Centenary Scholarship Program: 50% tuition fees
  • Irish Aid Funded Fellowship Training Program:: 100% tuition fees with terms
  • The Naughton Scholarship:  €20,000 per year
  • Monex Scholarship Program: €3,000 per year
  • English Language Attainment Scholarships: 100% tuition fees

You can seek various courses of your preference, and we help you get your scholarships in the most streamlined manner. Let us know what you aim for and how you plan to manage your funds too. This way our team of Ireland Education counselors will mentor you for the end to end application, documentation, and the entire travel process. Apart from that the complete walkthrough on how you relocate, apply for various costs, understand how to live in Ireland, and help get admission to the best universities in Ireland.

What are the most in demand Universities and professions?

It is a fact that Universities in Ireland are well-known for providing internationally acclaimed education for Post graduates, graduates, and research in all the niches in the present industry today. Some of the most popular courses are business analytics, cyber security, financial technology, game design, etc. The top Ireland immigration experts in Kerala guide you in receiving the best education Ireland has to offer.

The following is a list of Ireland’s Top Universities as per QS rankings that you can apply to:

  • Athlone Institute of Technology
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Maynooth University
  • Institute of Technology Sligo
  • University of Limerick

These are not only the ones, there are more. First, we advise choosing a course of study that aligns with your interest and the job scope in Ireland. Depending on the guidelines and tests of each university, the processes will be slightly different and that is where our consultants can keep you on track.

If you are planning to migrate as a family, then:

As such in Ireland, students are not allowed to bring their family during their studies. If the family has to come, it will have to be on their own visa and not under the study visa of the student. So, you should be employed full time, get a residence visa and then bring the family abroad.

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Study In Ireland Now

Take your education to the next level of your life by studying in the top universities of your dreams.  With step wise guidance from scratch, our education consultants in Kochi will help you find the right university, process the documents, remind you of the formalities to be undertaken and make the whole overseas study and immigration process a seamless experience.

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