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Level up your dreams and lifestyle by getting educated at some of the best study destinations. If you are new to the study options that New Zealand offers to overseas students, reg global the best education consultancy in kerala are right here to share all the information with you. From graduation to comprehensive research degrees, we help each of the students navigate through the process of seeking admission in universities in New Zealand, visa application, immigration, and also assistance for work and study options, and even family migration options.

Did you know that about 3% of the Universities in New Zealand are ranked in the best and top most job oriented quality of study programs worldwide? Plus, in terms of the Job Employability count, New Zealand is one of the best places that employ, protect, and support overseas skilled people in their community.

They have a relatively very young culture compared to other study destinations but are highly forward in their thought, word, research, and capacity to grow in the coming years. The country holds some of the most beautiful landscapes that are preserved naturally. This peaceful ambiance has brought in a lot of preference among the student community worldwide. You too can enjoy their premium education facilities by having a consultation with the Sweden education and immigration experts and take forward the most feasible solution.

Some Notable Facts about New Zealand that the Immigration experts would like to share with you:

  • The Main Hub of Happenings: Wellington is New Zealand’s Capital comprising the largest urban area in Auckland (the largest city in New Zealand).
  • University Count: Overall, there are 8 officially recognized universities, and is among the 3% of the best universities in the world.
  • Size: This country is the sixth largest island that is also a country in the world.
  • Highest Immigration Rate: People from the UK have migrated to New Zealand in search of opportunities, climate, and the presence of non toxic nature.
  • Official Languages: Maori and even English.
  • Official Sport: Cricket.
  • Currency in Use: New Zealand Dollar
  • Climate: Warm Tropical winds to cool winters in the mountains

Why New Zealand is a good study destination for International Students?

Multi cultural Student Community
English Speaking Crowd
Research Based Ph.D. Courses
Easy Stay in Options
Internationally Accredited Programs
Low Tuition Fees
Lovely Flora & Fauna
Scholarships Options
Who can Study in New Zealand?

Regardless of your culture or status, New Zealand is always opening its doors to overseas students to come forth study and settle in this country. The country has been equipped with some of the best universities, premium quality education systems, and the best culture that accommodates people from various corners of the world.

Overseas students need to get the support and step by step counseling of an overseas immigration company that can direct them on which courses are present, the process of taking admission to the universities, applying for a study visa, then work and study options, and then how to migrate with your family as per the legal regulations.

Students will have to choose the course, and take a student visa and most courses fall in the academic year that extends from March to October every year. Since you can speak in English here, overseas students can easily communicate with the other resident students, faculty, and the local population too. With our timely help, we ensure that you get affordable accommodation and can apply for scholarships, to make this education period more affordable.

How long can International students work and study in New Zealand?

Find your sweet space of work and study in New Zealand with ease, as we showcase the options you have to use. Students from other countries have two options: Work Full Time or Work Part time

Work Full Time and Study in New Zealand
International students can work full time as per the time their job calls for. This is allowed only if you are undertaking a full time educational course for a period of 1 year.  If you have enrolled for a skilled profession, then you will gain the skilled migrant category-based points that are worth over 120 credit points while working and studying in New Zealand.  You have time to work for the holidays like Christmas and New Year also, provide you attend the full time course and the course should have less than 120 points only.  Once you get admission under our assistance, the visa will specify all these details.

Work Part Time and Study in New Zealand
International students can work part time for about 20 hours per week. This is allowed only if you are undertaking a full time educational course for a period of 2 years.  If you have enrolled for a skilled profession, then you will gain the skilled migrant category based points while working and studying in New Zealand.  Remember to work just 20 hours per week. There is no option to work 10 hours in week 1 and then do the 30 hour job in the next job.

Research based Ph.D.
Study If you are in New Zealand, to do a Master’s degree, or a Doctoral degree study program, then no kind of restrictions are imposed on the student. The applicant can work full-time, but you should have your student visa for this eligibility.

Am I eligible for a scholarship at New Zealand Universities?

In comparison to most International study destinations, New Zealand has much lower fees and this can be managed even better with their array of scholarships for students who want to pursue a degree, master’s degree, and any other study programs. The fees mostly range between NZ $22,000 – $37,000 per year and the living costs can range anywhere between NZ $15,000 every year.

There are many universities listed for this purpose like the below ones:

  • Lincoln University International Taught Master Merit Scholarships: up to NZ $10,000
  • University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship: up to NZ $10,000
  • Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship (University of Canterbury): up to NZ $16, 500
  • University of Canterbury offers the UC International First Year Scholarship: up to NZ $10,000
  • New Zealand International Scholarships: up to NZ $3,000 (establishment allowance), up to NZ $
    491 (living allowance)
  • Auckland University of Technology (AUT) International Excellence Scholarships: up to NZ
  • New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Award: full tuition fees
  • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships:  Fees for three years up to NZ $
    25000 (living allowance), up to NZ $ 600 (yearly insurance)

This will give a detailed idea of the options for scholarships that students can take to study in New Zealand. The initial steps would be to find what you need to study and the university that you are looking for. Our team of education and immigration consultants in New Zealand will take you through the process with ease.

What are the most in demand Universities and professions?

Universities in New Zealand offer the best quality education, and facilities to help students get well oriented with industry insights and they guide you throughout the course. This small country is home to over 8 of the best ranked universities and that shows their eye for perfection. International students can pursue Master’s, Ph.D., and Bachelor’s programs with ease as we will explain how to apply for admission and student visa.

The following is a list of Top Universities in New Zealand that you can apply to

  • University of Auckland
  • Auckland University of Technology
  •  Lincoln University Canterbury
  • University of Waikato
  • Massey University

Getting an educational certification from New Zealand is indeed a treasure for any student. The universities have met the global standards of education and all nationalities are embraced into the culture easily. There is a scope for residential settlement and career growth in this country. Our university admission consultants can help you connect and get admission to the right university.

If you are planning to migrate as a family, then:

In New Zealand, you need to have a work permit to bring your family too. In case you are studying, then you will need a student visa to sponsor them. The family can come on a visitor visa and can stay as long as your course and student visa lasts. For more details, get in touch with our immigration experts.

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Study In New Zealand Now

Take your education to the next level of your life by studying in the top universities of your dreams.  With step wise guidance from scratch, our education consultants in Kochi will help you find the right university, process the documents, remind you of the formalities to be undertaken and make the whole overseas study and immigration process a seamless experience.

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