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Australia holds the future of a lot of innovative and time changing business opportunities and jobs at large. This is why Australia stands to be one of the most preferred nations to study abroad for International students. If job oriented education with world call recognition is in your mind, then with REG Immigration & Education, this is possible with our expertise. We have been the go-to Study Abroad consultants in keralafor many students who seek a stable future in Australia.

Today, Australia is home to over 5.2 lac International students every year which simply proves that the numbers will be growing as the nation welcome other nationalities to study and settle in this beautiful country. The culture and the country’s policies focus on establishing a worthwhile skilled student workforce for the betterment of the future.

Some Notable Facts about Australia that the Immigration experts would like to share with you:

  • The Main Hub of Happenings: Canberra is Australia’s Capital and is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna, and it happens to be one of the best livable cities across the globe.
  • University Count: Overall, there are 43 universities, and Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are the most favored cities for higher studies for overseas students.
  • Size: Sixth Largest Country in the world after the order that goes like Russia, Canada, China, USA, and Brazil.
  • Highest Immigration Rate: Overseas student numbers have been built up to 3,70,000  today and overall there are about 2.5 million students from overseas to date.
  • Official Languages: English.
  • Official Sport: Football
  • Currency in Use: Australian Dollar
  • Climate: A mix of warm climate with rains in various parts so the continent.

Why Australia is a good study destination for International Students?

Best-quality Universities
Multiple Financial Assistance Options
Student's Health Insurance
Work & study for a better living
Pay with no Taxes during the study
Best Medical Facilities
Affordable Transport options
Home to the Top 5 universities in the World
Who can Study in Australia?

If you look forward to studying in Australia for your graduation,  you should have scored 60% marks in your high school exams. If you want to do a post graduate course in Australia, then you need to have completed your degree from a good Indian university that is considered valuable by Australian Universities.

As long as you have a student visa, anyone can study in any part of Australia after completing all the processes in a systematic manner.  This process of application, college admission, and other financial guidance is facilitated by our immigration consultants for overseas students who wish to study and settle in Australia.

Besides, the students will have to register in the colleges, attend the tests given for the course and also undertake an English proficiency test too. Once the eligibility is declared through the student's performance, the admission process will be smooth.

How long can International students work and study in Australia?

Students are eligible to work more than about 40 hours during a span of two weeks. Apart from this, when they have study holiday breaks and other weekends, the students can work.  Every student is entitled to all clauses of work related protection laws like the residents and other professionals.

  • Student Visa: If you have a college admission, it means that also have a student visa for a period of five years During this time, you are automatically granted the permission to work in any industry and will receive the minimum wages that are allotted for each job taken up.
Am I eligible for a scholarship at Australian Universities?

With our expertise and continual guidance, you will know if you are eligible to let scholarships to study in Australia based universities.  The funding that you receive will help Indian students manage living expenses, study and live affordably.

There are many universities listed for this purpose like the below ones:

  • Macquarie University International Scholarships:  $1,000 – $10,000 AUD
  • Destination Australia Scholarship: $15,000 AUD per annum
  • Endeavour Post graduate Scholarship: $3,000 AUD
  • John Allwright Fellowship: Full tuition fees
  • Global Citizens Scholarship: up to 30% reduction in tuition fees
  • Women in Engineering Scholarship: $6,000 AUD in the first of the UG course
  • University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship: $3,000 AUD
  • Monash International Leadership Scholarship: 100% reimbursement

Strive to learn and excel in your profession by availing the best scholarships that are provided to International students who wish to in Australia. Our Australia Education counseling experts have compiled highly flawless processes whereby every student will be able to migrate and manage their life in a new country under the insight that we share.

What are the most in demand Universities and professions?

It is a fact that Universities in Australia are highly particular to offer the best education for graduate and post graduate students. From internships to part time jobs, to job oriented courses, Australia offers a wide variety of jobs for varied courses. This would include medicine, engineering, technology, research, space, and much more.   The top Australia immigration experts in Kerala can guide you in receiving the best education that any part of Australia has to offer.

The following is a list of Australia’s Top Universities that you can apply to:

  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland

If you are planning to migrate as a family, then:

Moving to Australia is more complex than most countries, as they are highly observant of the type of skills that enter the continent. For this, you need to check your IELTS scores, ask about the most in demand professions at the time of visa application, and then apply. If you need to be more competent, you can apply for a post graduate course and stand the chance to be more eligible or else get a job. Once you are employed, you can sponsor your family and help your children get into affordable schooling near your residential areas. We are right here to help through this process.

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study in Australia now

study in Australia

Take your education to the next level of your life by studying in the top universities of your dreams.  With step wise guidance from scratch, our Study Abroad consultants in Kerala, Kochi will help you find the right university, process the documents, remind you of the formalities to be undertaken and make the whole overseas study and immigration process a seamless experience.

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