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Always loved to study in Germany, but figuring out how to start the process? Read on as we explain how REG Immigration & Education helps students to find the right universities in Germany. This country is extremely popular in the world of education and every year can come 416 thousand students per year.

This place is home to some of the finest universities, the best scholarship and funding options along with a lovely student life culture. This helps other cultures to mingle and enjoy the amenities provided with ease. If your future higher education plans to study abroad, learn more about the study options in Germany from the best education consultancy in kerala, the stay and part time and job opportunities too; our Germany education consultants will help you through the process.

Some Notable Facts about Germany that the Immigration experts would like to share with you:

  • The Main Hub of Happenings: Berlin is Germany’s Capital and is known to have a rich culture and commercial growth.
  • University Count: Overall, there are 380 officially recognized universities, and more than 17000 different courses to study from.
  • Size: Seventh Largest Country in Europe and is home to many of the best companies in the world.
  • Highest Immigration Rate: It holds the highest immigration inflow and is home to about 1/10 of the global refugee population.
  • Official Languages: German
  • Official Sport: Football
  • Currency in Use: Euro
  • Climate: Rainy climate and sunny seasons

Why Germany is a good study destination for International Students?

Hub of Many Nationalities
Rich Historical Culture
Diverse Study Programs
Affordable Amenities
Internationally Recognized Programs
Low Tuition Fees
Prestigious Universities
Study, Work & Earn Facility
Who can Study in Germany?

When it comes to higher graduate and post graduate education, Germany is an absolute paradise. For those who want to study in Germany, take the opportunity to get admission to the best universities in Germany under the timely advice of our Kerala immigration consultants.

All people can join an education program but will need to fulfill the higher education entrance-based qualification. There are cases when the higher education is checked and if it is not considered eligible, then the candidate will need to enroll in a one year course that is preparatory in nature. It is a must in Germany under certain cases only and that will be confirmed by our team after verification of your qualifications.

Apart from this, you need to submit for graduation – all your school certificates, passport copies, proof of your German language proficiency and a report with the translated version of your academic modules and certifications, and also proof of your financial source to study in Germany.

How long can International students work and study in Germany?

Did you know that over one-third of the International students who study in Germany actually comprise Indian students? So, that shows that there is scope for study and work opportunities in this country.

  • Students from places other than the EU
    Students are eligible to work more than about 120 complete days or otherwise can work for 240 on a half time basis. This will not need the authorization of the Federal Employment Agency to work. However, they are not allowed to work freelance or in any self employment scheme.
  • After Studies, what happens?
    Once the studies are over, if students would like to work in Germany and happen to come from outside the EU, they will need to request an extension of about 18 months for their residence permit. For this, you will need to submit your financial means, health insurance, and the successfully passed certificate and passport.
Am I eligible for a scholarship at Germany Universities?

With our expertise and continual guidance, you will know if you are eligible to let scholarships to study in Germany based universities.  The funding that you receive will help Indian students study and live affordably.

There are many universities listed for this purpose like the below ones:

  • Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP): 1200 euros per month
  •  PG Studies in Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual Communication, and Film: 861 euros per month
  • Bilateral Exchange of Academics: 2000 euros per month
  • Co-funded Research Grants: 650 euros per month
  • Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines: 861 euros per month
  • Taught Master’s Scholarships:  2000 euros per month
  • Lincoln University International Undergraduate Scholarship: 1700 euros per month
  • Lincoln University Undergraduate Vice President Chancellor Scholarship: 3000 euros per month

Depending on the course of study program you seek, we help you get your scholarships in the most streamlined manner. Let us know what you aim for and how you plan to manage your funds too. This way our team of Germany Education counselors will mentor you for the end to end application, documentation, and the entire travel process. Apart from that the complete walkthrough on how you relocate, apply for various costs, understand how to live in Germany, and help get admission to the best universities in Germany.

What are the most in demand Universities and professions?

It is a fact that Universities in Germany are well-known for providing internationally acclaimed education for Post graduates, graduates, and research in all the niches in the present industry today. Right below, you can see the best universities that have been listed as per the QS rankings. The top Germany immigration experts in Kerala guide you in receiving the best education Germany has to offer.

The following is a list of Germany’s Top Universities as per QS rankings that you can apply to:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

These are not only the ones, there are more. First, we advise choosing a course of study that aligns with your interest and the job scope in Germany. Depending on the guidelines and tests of each university, the processes will be slightly different and that is where our consultants can keep you on track.

If you are planning to migrate as a family, then:

You have the option to apply for a study visa, enter a program and then sponsor your family too during this study period. Make sure that you have the permit to bring them too to Germany and that has to be checked and consulted with immigration experts before you start the process. There are various options to relocate and we can list them out for you, once you approach for an initial consultation.

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Take your education to the next level of your life by studying in the top universities of your dreams.  With step wise guidance from scratch, our education consultants in Kochi will help you find the right university, process the documents, remind you of the formalities to be undertaken and make the whole overseas study and immigration process a seamless experience.

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