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Do you want to study, migrate and settle in Canada? Are you confused about the paperwork and your eligibility?  Let the REG Immigration & Education team help you in this matter. We are the immigration experts who have helped students, professionals and families live in Canada as per the norms and adjust to a new culture and lifestyle with ease.

We are certified and authorized Canadian Immigration Consultants, who work on the end to end documentation processing with total care, precision, and transparency.  To know how to process Canadian immigration – get in touch with our immigration experts in Kerala today.

Immigration To Canada- What we do for you?
  • Super Visa, Visitor Visa, Student Visa
  • Eligibility Evaluation
  • End to End Documentation
  • Business Immigration
  • Spouse and Family Sponsorship
  • PR processing & renewal
  • PNP
  • PGWP
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • PR Documentation
  • Federal Skilled Worker via Express Entry
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support

It is time to revive your immigration dreams with us with our indigenous and agile services. If you are planning to travel and settle from India to Canada, it is better to do it now. The Authorized Canadian Immigration Consultants here at REG Immigration & Education had helped thousands of families meet their dream to work and settle in Canada with proper PR facilities. Our Education Consultancy in kerala simply do not process any immigration work but explain how to retain your immigration eligibility, what to take for documentation and how to immigrate as per the norms.

We value our work on the terms of C.A.R.E., which focuses on the reality that our client is of prime importance to us. Every client who approaches us will be given a detailed analysis of how to immigrate and their eligibility parameters for the same. This will help you to understand the process, the financial commitments you need to make, and the total processing time for the same.

With an updated presence in this field of business, we make sure to keep our clients well informed about the latest regulations and options for family and spouse immigration to Canada.  Since each of your travel conditions and goals may be different, we extend a tailor made approach to our consultancy services.  If you see the expert consultation for Canada Immigration, let our team guide you from scratch. We filter out all the cons so that you gain maximum chances to travel and settle in Canada with no hitches whatsoever.

Canada Immigration Eligibility

Know all about Canada Immigration Eligibility and which categories of people can settle permanently in Canada.  You can apply through the following eligibility streams:

  • Federal Economic Programme
  • Investor immigrant
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Self-employed person
  • Quebec-selected worker
Federal Skilled Worker Program (Skilled Worker Express Entry)

Move alongside under the expertise of the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi, you can know if you are eligible to travel to Canada under this scheme.

Who is this meant for?
If you are a skilled worker or professional with a few years of International work experience, then this program can be applicable to you.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements for the Applicant
Our Canada Immigration consultants check each document in detail to ensure that you are eligible and you will need the following:

  • Basic Schooling and Higher education certificates
  • English speaking ability checks
  • Work experience in the skill mentioned
  • Age
  • Fund Management Proof
  •  Job Offer should be valid


Eligibility Pass Mark Norms

  • Pass Mark: 67 points
  • A total of 100 points are on the eligibility grid system as per the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • You need to have worked in one of the National Occupational Classifications that is stated in the TAAR sections. This will be checked by our authorized immigration experts.
  • Skilled work would mean Skilled work experience, part time work, and student work experience too. Depending on your age and skill mentioned, the checks are done accordingly.
  • Language tests for writing, reading listening, and speaking will be undertaken and applicants need a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 points in all 4 categories.
  • Once all the needed formalities are done, we will process the next steps to immigration.  We
    guide you on how to be eligible to meet the criteria too.
Other Canada Immigration Programs we work upon
  • Ontario Express Entry Streams
  • category
  • Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas stream
  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker
  • Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas stream
  • Nova Scotia Demand- Express Entry
  • New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream
Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for Canadian Immigration

As per the Comprehensive Ranking System which is also known as the CRS, it is one of the most fundamental systems that are used to evaluate a candidate’s eligibility. As authorized Canadian immigration consultants, we assess each of your documents to help you rank into the pool of candidates listed in the Express Entry category.

The system states that an applicant will obtain a complete score of 1200 points, wherein the core point collection will be just 600 points. The next additional set will consist of the other 600 points.  Even though a job offer letter is not a compulsory element of the application process, those who have such an offer in hand will gain more points in an instant.

Depending on what documents and proof you submit, our immigration experts Kerala will add to your points. The more points you gain out of your eligibility, you get the better chance to immigrate with no delays.  With the assistance of REG Canada immigration consultants in Kerala, we help you gain a permanent residency permit, work permit, and residence visa in the best possible time frame. We make sure to give a full report on what documents, financial commitments, and how the necessary language test and other requirements have to be met on time. Our expertise has always helped to bring up the CRS score of our candidates within the eligibility levels in the most authentic and professional manner.

Certified CICC

We are Kerala’s best Certified CICC professionals for the Canada Immigration and our dedicated services can be seen for over a decade and more. Anyone can go to Canada, but make sure the authorized officials who have been trained and authorized to undertake the immigration process and documentation process is by your side. We represent immigrants from Kerala to Canada in the most professional manner, thereby maximizing your eligibility to travel and settle in Canada.

Working with us means:

  • Professional conduct of immigrations processes
  • Timely documentation and filing for immigrations
  • No false hopes on employment
  • Sound knowledge on how to adapt to Canada
  • Legally Recognized consultants will interact with you