The Overseas Education Experts:
UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands

Being an Immigration Consultant Expert is never a One Day Process and our Success Rate is our Proof of Excellence. With a dream to empower students with the best overseas opportunities, REG Immigration & Education has focused on being the most Reliable Platform for the best immigration consultants in kochi, who can take your dreams forward as promised. Immigration is not to be considered a light process, and it is our immense research, goodwill, and consistency in our performance that has helped millions of students and families to get university admissions, migrate and settle in many of the top Overseas Education Destinations.


We endeavor to be the world’s premier overseas education and immigration consultant for global students and professionalism with continual mentorship and timely implementation of immigration processes that pertain to the residence rules of each country we collaborate with.


We strive to deliver quality in each of our immigration consultancy operations worldwide and we will cover the entire framework of end-to-end admission processes for students into overseas universities, visa processing, residency permit formalities, and all the immigration documentation in the process.

The Real Magic: Our Team

We believe “Many” are always more powerful the “One”. With an awesome Team of multi skillsets and an agile mindset with a dynamic course of action, we know how to keep our customers on the safe side of every overseas education and immigration process. We live on trust, transparency, and timely deliverance, as each customer is precious in our family.

Professional Journey at a Glance: Our Milestones
  • Our humble beginnings commenced in 1998, as a consultant who prepped up students for Indian and Domestic Country based University Admissions.
  • In 2011, we inaugurated our Language Training Center
  • Our Overseas Consultancy services commenced in 2015
  • We renamed Overseas Consultancy services wing to REG Immigration & Education recently in 2020.
  • In this span of over two decades, we have expanded from India to UAE, Kuwait, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. Today, we are headquartered in Canada.



Our Versatile Expertise:

  • Canadian Immigration and protection of refugee law, regulations, and policies
  • Business Management & Professional Marketing
  • Education and Training
  • Business Information & Technology Management
  • Project Management
  • Career Counseling
  • Human Resources and Skills Development