Top 10 reasons to study in Finland

Why Finland, “The Happiest Country in the World”, is regularly considered as an outstanding terminus for education for international students- 10 Reasons!!!

Superior Education System:

Finland constantly stays at higher levels in international educational rankings. The country’s first-class education system highlights, equality, novelty and student-centred approach.

Advanced Education Approaches:

The state-of-the-art teaching methods emphasis problem solving, critical thinking and real-world application of knowledge.  At the same time, it gives importance to research and motivate students to think and work self-reliantly.

Programs Taught in English Language:

The usage of English language as the medium of instruction by many universities in Finland makes studies more accessible to international students, paving the way for making the campus environment multicultural.

Safe and Inclusive Atmosphere:

The highest safety measure of Finland is enjoyed by international students. The Finnish culture is known for its equality as well as inclusivity which provides a warm welcoming atmosphere for students from various cultures around the world.

Universal Networking Chances:

Finland provides its students with opportunities to network with experts from around the world. The country’s global view point and connections will ultimately open up various opportunities for students in building their future careers.

Openings for Research and Analysis:

Study in Finland supports research and development across several fields. Students will get chances to participate in cutting-edge research projects and associate with leading experts in their corresponding fields.

Reasonable Living Cost:

Students have ample discounts on transportation and food which makes the cost of living reasonable for international students.

Opportunities for Outdoor Activities due to Attractive Landscape:

Finland is famous for its natural landscapes, lakes, forests as well as the Northern Lights, which provide adequate openings for out-of-door activities.  This in turn provides an excellent quality of life.

Healthy Life balancing:

Finland values healthy work -life balancing. This cultural feature can definitely impact the welfare of students allowing them to enjoy their studies while finding time for relaxation and personal enjoyment.

Advanced Technology Centre:

Finland is hub for various technologies and innovations, The country also gives solid emphasis on R&D making it a perfect destination for internationals students who are interested in engineering, technology and similar other fields.


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