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Traditional and aristocratic at heart and thought, if education is on your mind, then let’s remind you that the UK is one of the favorite study destinations for overseas students for years and more. After schooling often, students wonder what is next and this is where our education consultants in Kerala can help you decide, apply for the best universities in the UK, avail fellowships and scholarships, and even migrate as per the rules alone or with family.

Over the past few years, the number of students moving to the UK has been rising and recent records show that almost 6 lac International students are presently studying in various cities in the UK. The numbers will grow in the new future owing to the huge job and life facilities offered in the UK.

Some Notable Facts about UK that the Immigration experts would like to share with you:

  • The Main Hub of Happenings: London is UK’s Capital and is known to be the hub of a lot of investment partnerships, and some of the world’s famous financial decisions are shaped here.
  • University Count: Overall, there are 165 universities, and Cambridge, Oxford, and London are the notable cities in the UK, where universities are established.
  • Size: It occupies over 243, 610  sq. km and includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Highest Immigration Rate: Almost 2 lac overseas students and immigrants head over to the UK every year.
  • Official Languages: English, Irish and Welsh, Scots, and Cornish.
  • Official Sport: Cricket
  • Currency in Use: Pound Sterling
  • Climate: Moist and cool temperatures mostly.

Why the UK is a good study destination for International Students?

Access to top class university research
World recognized Certifications
Post Study Work Facility
Flexible Study Programs
Comfortable Visa Application Process
High Standards of Living
Free Student Health Insurance
Who can Study in the UK? | Entry Requirements for Overseas Students to the UK

Any person who has completed 11- 12 years of basic schooling education and can score UK IELTS 4 – 5.5,  then they are eligible for applying for higher university education.  Newcomers who want to study in the UK can apply for the Foundation Certificate, then the normal One year International course, the Pre Master course, and Pre Doctorate Course

Students who need to study abroad in countries like the UK will need to the tests like IELTS, education certificates, ID forms and documents, and any other qualifications of the student. They will also need to share back statements, passport copies, and test scores, academic transcripts, and all these will be managed and compiled by other experts during the application process.

How long can International students work and study in the UK?

If you have a student visa, and if you are completing a full time University degree course, then you have permission to work in the UK. The rule goes like this: Any University student can work up to 20 hours per week.

During vacation time, the student can work full time as per the number of hours they wish to work. However, if you have applied and been sanctioned for a part time course, then you get no right to work in the UK.

All work during the study period will be temporary and the student cannot take up any self employment contracts too.  In case you are looking for particular work and study options, our immigration experts will guide you on the same.

Am I eligible for a scholarship at UK Universities?

Students, who wish to study abroad in the UK, can surely avail of scholarships as per the eligibility rules and we are here to help you with the entire process from scratch.  The funding that a student can avail can be processed and guided by our experts and that will help Indian students study and live affordably.

There are many universities listed for this purpose like the below ones:

  •  Chevening Scholarship: Fully Funded Programs
  •  GREAT Scholarships: £10,000
  • Bristol University International Office Scholarships: £8,500
  • University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships: 50% tuition fee
  • Kingston University London Scholarship: £ 5000
  • Felix Scholarship: 100% course fee + a grant of £15,840
  • Scotland's Saltire Scholarship: Up to £8000 for universities and £4000 for colleges
  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship:  £22,477 to £49,686

With us, you can get your scholarships in the right manner and within the time frame and budget that you have always aimed for. Our team of UK Education counseling experts will be by your side for the end to end application, documentation, and the entire travel process. We guide you on how you relocate, apply to various colleges, understand how to live in the UK, and make sure you are in the best universities in the UK.

What are the most in demand Universities and professions in the UK?

There are many UK colleges and universities that lead the academic benchmark of excellence and this is what you can choose from. Of course, first, you need to decide on what course you need depending on the job scenario, and then apply for the university. Over 4.8 lac international students try, apply and make their way into the best postgraduate and graduate universities in the UK. Whether it is medicine, business, engineering, or research, the options are plenty.

The following is a list of Top UK Universities that you can apply to:

  • University of  Oxford
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Manchester

These are just a few of the top universities in the UK and we can help you with admission and migration assistance in phase by phase manner. Depending on the guidelines and tests of each university, the processes will be slightly different and that is where our consultants can keep you on track.

If you are planning to migrate as a family, then:

There are quite a few regulations that you need to consider for family migration. The person who will sponsor the family should have studied a UK based post graduate course for a minimum of 9 months or even more. If you are funded by the government, then you need to stay for at least 6 months in the UK. This is the case with the Student Visa and Family Immigration Process.

There are four types of family related visas that you need to apply for if you are a working professional:

  1. Partner Visa or the Spouse Visa
  2. Child Visa
  3. Dependent Family Visa
  4. Parent Visa

Our study counselors will give an elaborate blueprint on how young school children can be put into good public and private schools. Even at this phase, there are funding plans to help you stabilize your living in the UK smoothly.

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Take your education to the next level of your life by studying in the top universities of your dreams.  With step wise guidance from scratch, our education consultants in Kochi will help you find the right university, process the documents, remind you of the formalities to be undertaken and make the whole overseas study and immigration process a seamless experience.

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